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Welcome to Felene M. Cayetano's website!

Felene is a librarian, literary and visual storyteller. Her Garifuna identity, Belizean nationality and rich conversations with elders have inspired poetry, short stories, photography and films about women. 


The thumbnails below give you direct access to each book. Samples are hosted on Amazon, and ebooks are available where ebooks are sold.  For example, If you prefer APPLE BOOKS, search for Felene M. Cayetano.


A collection of poetry written over the course of ten years (1994-2004) following the author from adolescence to adulthood and from various major US cities to Belize. 

Crossing Bridges

Poems written over the course of ten dynamic years [2004-2014] of living, loving, librarianship, traveling, writing, maturing, Garifuna cultural preservation, justice, purpose, etc.

Belizean Nail Soup

Ten stories by nine writers create a vivid image of the variety of people, landscapes and talent in Belize, the tiny seaside Caribbean nation in Central America.



Conversations .... with cool people, including my aunt, Doris June Garcia.

Episode 3 | Honouring our Aunties Audio

“The great thing about your auntie is that she doesn’t have to be related by blood — she’s that older, or sometimes not so much older female in your life who gives good advice, is a little bit sassy, smothers you with hugs and kisses, but can also discipline you when need be.”

Angles of Light (Part2)

Juleus Ghunta introduces a panoply of poets from The Caribbean in this bumper follow-up to Part 1 which aired on Love The Words. At the 59th minute Felene shares poems inspired by music. 

Discovering Belize

This is one episode within the Commonwealth Poetry Podcast series by Aphra and Gyles. Felene speaks about Belize and the poems that have withstood the test of time


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